Monday, June 3, 2013


Perhaps you should sit down to read this blog if you're not sitting down already.  Hmm...I guess you could be standing reading this blog on your smartphone but it would be complicated to stand and read this on your computer.  Anyway, I have something quite shocking to reveal...yes, I said, SHOCKING!  (Remember, you read it first here! :)

I (that's me, myself) am NOT perfect.  Did I just hear someone scream and say, "No, say it isn't so!"  It's absolutely true...I am NOT perfect.  If my family read this post they would snort and say, "I know that!"

To expand upon that idea...nobody is perfect...NOBODY!  Not even my late, great departed, adorable honeybunch was perfect.  (Perfect for me though)

Now why would I feel a need to express something that is so obvious?  I usually write my Blogposts in the bright, new morning.  A fresh, new start each and every day.  The day is untried, filled with possibilities, and it all lies within me.

Then comes the rest of the day, sometimes with great frustrations, disappointments, or sorrows.  As the day goes on it becomes harder and harder to maintain the "Patina of Positive."  As a matter of fact sometimes I am absolutely's the little things that trap me.  Little things like a computer that will not work as it is supposed to.  A software program that will not allow me to publish my book...tripping, falling, and hurting myself...little things like that.

Sometimes when I fail to "Act instead of react," I second guess myself.  "Why do you write about being positive when you are so endlessly weak, and capable of negativity?"  Actually that is the answer, I write about being positive BECAUSE it's a BETTER way to be.  We are all human, but we can all improve, and grow...progression lies along that climb.

If sometime we should meet in a grocery store, or at a movie I would not want you to say, "Gasp....she's not perfect!" (I conjured up that image to make myself smile).  Being imperfect can give us motivation.  With motivation we can set goals, to continue trying, to never give up.

I suppose we can be perfect in small ways.  Some people never drink alcohol, or never swear, or always smile at others.  (I said some people, not me, ok I don't drink at least).  Perhaps focusing on the ways we CAN be perfect might help when we feel weak or limited.  (The older I get the more I realize feelings of insecurity are universal). one way the human race is all equal.  Not one human being is perfect.  We are all born with weaknesses and flaws.   

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