Thursday, June 20, 2013


I got to be with my Mama for several hours today.  When I first arrived she was very confused.  She said in a small voice, "Do I really live here?"  The here that she referred to was the Retirement Home that she has lived at for many years.  Somehow it seemed that when I arrived her confusion left and she was clearer of mind.

In our usual conversational pattern we flitted and flipped from one subject to the next, and then back again.  Usually our communication is animated with hand gestures and very expressive faces.  If the world could just follow the patterns that we establish in our discussions we would have world peace, order in countries, and brotherly love everywhere!  Yes, we could heal the world!  :^)

It's amazing to look at my beloved Mom and see my youngest daughter Mother's namesake looking back at me from a 94 year old face.  I know how my youngest will look at 94 and she will be like her namesake, gracious, loving, and beautiful.  This comparison works the other way as well.  I look at our youngest and see how amazing my Mama was at her age as well!

We have two daughters and both are named for one of their grandmother's.  Who knew that they would look the most like, and act the most like the grandma for which they were named?   Oh they do have the characteristics of the other Grandma as well, thank heavens.  Both Grandma's are amazing ladies that I love dearly!

My Mama and I went for a ride in the sunshine in my beautiful little red car.  She ALWAYS comments on how pretty my car is.  My Mama always notices details of beauty that I often overlook.  She sees flowers that blossom, plants that grow greenly, new buildings, old buildings, people that she doesn't know that WILL become her friends, fluffy kitties, fluffy doggies...she sees it all.

I didn't mention two of her habits which I have always enjoyed.  She LOVES to identify license plates that are from out of state.  She gets really excited if a car is from somewhere that you don't see often, like Mississippi, or Kansas.  That's number one.  The number two activity that she loves is deciding what make a car is.  That car is an Oldsmobile.  That car is a Chevrolet.  (This last car reference is said with reverence.  For her entire life she has adored Chevrolet's!)  Remember "See the USA drive a Chevrolet?"  My Mama listened and believed their advertising.  Some of the newer cars stump her and she says in a puzzled voice, "What on earth kind of car is that?"  "A Hyundai Mama."  "A what?"  "A Hyundai, it's a Koren made car."  "Oh."  "Oh look there's a Cadillac..."

My Mama at 94 still has a childlike wonder about the world in which she lives.  She loves people, and appreciates life.  She does NOT focus on the pain that she lives with, or the negative things in her world.  She sees the glass as "Half full."

Thanks Mama for teaching me how to love this world, and the people in it by your example.  You, my beloved Mama are the very best Mama in the world!

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