Thursday, May 5, 2011

Waiting for the Storm to Pass!

Sometimes as I'm dancing furiously in the rain, while waiting for the storm to pass I find a moment of quiet wisdom. Sometimes I find anger waiting there. Frustration, or depression often try to find me as well.

What do we do when negative emotion threatens to define us? I find comfort in the possibly sacchrine sweet idea that "Happiness is a choice." Yet I BELIEVE IT! I believe that we have the power within us to wrest happiness from even the roughest of times. Trust me...I KNOW ROUGH TIMES!

When I post ideas on my Blog it is not just to touch others, or to help others. Somehow, it seems to lift me as well. I think that is one of the most important lessons in life, in helping others we help ourselves!

So....even if your day is a rough one today....look for the joy, it really, truly IS there....sometimes you just have to squeeze life a little harder to find it!


  1. You're the best, mi mama. I love you!

  2. RDK you're the BESTEREST....AND YES that IS a REAL word! Well at least it is NOW...since I just made it up! hee hee