Monday, May 9, 2011


My earliest memories include the surge of joy that washes over me when I have an audience. I will sing, dance, or write if I feel that somehow those activities will be watched and appreciated by others.

As a little girl my beloved brother and sister would teach me song and dance routines. They would then have me perform for family, and friends. In their opinion I was even cuter then the all time child star favorite Shirley Temple! (Don't try to deny it Howard and KNOW it's true...hee hee)

I have discovered my favorite audience of ALL time! I volunteer in our faith The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I am the music director for the children. Every Sunday I help little ones from 3 to 12 learn how to worship through joyous music, and movement. Oh the movements aren't intricate. For example, "I'm all made of hinges causes everything bends...from the top of my head and clear down to my ends...I'm hinges in front and I'm hinges in back, but I have to be hinges or else I would CRACK! What joyous, resounding sound is made by all of those small hands coming together as they sing aloud the word CRACK!

As we sing the words we move back and forth, to and fro, around, up, and down. I'm ALWAYS grateful that I used to be a limber dancer. That helps me still so that I can move in all the directions I wish and need to!

How those precious little ones just draw all that is best from me. I feel more loving, and more LOVED, happier, and funnier....I just feel wonderful....and I hope I make THEM feel more wonderful!

When I teach the three year olds, their eyes open so wide! My mind opens wide at the knowledge that I'm teaching these precious little ones just new to the earth the glory and joyous celebration of MUSIC! Oh they don't always sing....or even understand the words, but they look at me with such wonder as I teach.

YUP....definitely the BEST church position EVER! SHHHH! Don't tell anybody in my church group. They'll all be trying to get my job! lol

To the beloved teachers of my youth that gave me a love and need for music....that includes first my parents, grandparents, brother, sister, and then church teachers, and school teachers....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I am forever in grateful debt to you!

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