Monday, May 30, 2011


ANNOUNCING....I'm having a contest.

REWARD As my family and friends know I LOVE to knit. I like to call myself a "knitwit." So I'm offering a of my lovely hand knitted afghans. There will be a choice from three different colors and styles.

The contest is this....I'm posting a chapter of my book online everyday for the next 24 days. To win you simply have to make a comment (one word will do), everyday for the next 24 days. Of course I would LOVE it if you actually read the material before you commented. You can earn extra points...see below.

1. No more than one comment per person per day
2. Extra points will be given for posting about the contest and book on your Facebook wall, email, BLOG, or website. You can receive one point for posting on each of these places.

Wilhelmina Elizabeth....Women of the Drifting Anchor Ranch - should not be read by anyone under 16. There is NO explicit sex, but human sexuality is discussed. Beth (shortened version of her name) is a miserable, mixed-up mess. She marries a man to get revenge on his brother and family. She believes that the Calkin family has cheated her out of her biggest life marry Eric Calkin. To make matters worse, Eric is marrying her WORST ENEMY, Angela Butler.

Thanks in advance for your participation....enjoy reading!


  1. I DO love a contest! I do! Blogging world, just so you know, my mom makes AMAZING, beautiful afghans. You most definitely want one. They are gorgeous.

  2. So... I'm one of Ardis' friends. I LOVE a good read, AND I'd love an afgan :) I'm in!