Monday, May 9, 2011

I HAVE the best Mommy EVER!

I know that on Mother's Day we all believe we have the best Mom EVER! Let me tell you a little about my Mom and I'm certain that you'll all agree I ACTUALLY do have the BEST MOM EVER!

At the age of 32 my dear Mommy lost a precious son, David Mark. The birth and loss were so traumatic that her body went into shock. Her hormones went crazy and she went into menopause. When the doctor discovered this he administered to her the hormones needed for her to come back into balance.

She was then told that she should NEVER try to be pregnant. She simply had too many health issues to go through that process ever again. My Mom has never been bowed too far down by authority figures, (that includes doctors).

When she became pregnant her doctor said, "Well Sarah, I'm a devout Catholic, and you're a staunch Mormon and neither of us believe in abortion. So we'll just have to make this pregnancy work!"

Oh the complications I gave my beloved Mother before I even opened my eyes in this world. I truly made her life difficult. I wonder if she ever saw those nine months as a precursor for my life to come?

I was born a healthy, eight pound baby. Delivery occurred a mere twenty minutes after she arrived at the hospital. My Father made a remark that he regretted for the rest of his life. He was NOT allowed in the delivery room. He said, "Well that was fast. It couldn't have been too bad!" Oh Father, I think you know now that speed does not ensure ease!!

The happy parents brought me home to a loving brother and sister. That would probably provide the "Happily Ever After," ending of fairytales....EXCEPT! One day I turned blue. YUP, blue like the SMURF's, which is NOT a happy sign for a baby.

So off to the hospital my parents took me. I was oxygen starved. It was discovered soon that I had almost no immune system, and was allergic to pretty much every substance on this planet. The doctors all shook their heads and told my parents that I couldn't possibly live. If I did it would only be a couple of years.

That probably was the best thing they could have done. My Mother's response? "What did those doctor's know!" Prayers, faith, and years and years of medical treatments later....I'm STILL here! Mama took me to naturopaths, chiropodists, chiropractors, herbalogists, you name it we tried it. Along the way I gained a hearty admiration for the wonders of this world....the many different ways there are to approach a medical problem, but most of all THE POWER OF RIGHTEOUS PARENTS! Since this post is especially about my Mama I'll save my Papa's myriad contributions for a separate post.

At ninety-two my Mama is still making my life better by her loving example. I saw her on Saturday. She made sure before I left that I had used the bathroom, taken a water bottle with me, and had the necessary tissues, and mints! The questions she asked and the subject she discussed the most?? Our family...were we all well, thriving, learning?

Thank you forever Mama for your selfless love, and your hearty endurance that not only brought me here, but KEPT me here!

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  1. She is the best mom ever. And you are the best mom ever. In this situation, I think the two of those facts can be equally true, my miracle mommy!