Saturday, May 4, 2013

"You've Got to Shine Your Star"

One of my favorite songs of all time is from my youth.  "You've Gotta Shine Your Star."  The song was performed by "Earth, Wind, and Fire."  These words are not only earth's elements but an amazing performance group that enlivened and lightened my life.

This song says, "You've gotta shine your star, no matter who you are, shine it bright to see, what you can truly be."  I used to have the egotistical attitude that I was the only human on the planet that suffered so much.  I was the only human that felt marginalized and victimized by life.  

I have grown up quite a bit in the months since my husband's passing.  I have come to realize that my negative feelings are quite frankly human.  EVERYONE feels inferior, and/or marginalized at some point in life.  The amazing thing is that a great deal of those people push past...find a way over, or under their insecurities to accomplish wonderful things.

"Stay at home Mom's" are a case in point.  In our society there has been a dramatic shift in focus since my youth.  In my childhood most Mom's were "Stay at home Mom's."  Now women who make the conscious and difficult choice to stay at home and raise their children are often considered less than.

These are the creator's of the next generations of our society.  These children will grow up to negotiate peace, run our country AND, raise the next generation of children to take their place.

Brigham Young, a former governor of Utah once said, "If you educate a man you educate one.  If you educate a woman you educate the nation."  

Back to the general populus and how we "Shine our Star."  The next time you feel invisible, unimportant, or worse a burden to society,, "Shine Your Star."  Each and every human on the planet has the capacity to shine like a brilliant star (and we're not burned out pieces of metal reflecting the light from another planet!)

How can you shine your star?  Tutor a child, mentor a child, raise a child, visit the elderly, listen to them and learn from them.  Make things for a homeless shelter.  They always need warm, clean clothes, hygiene items, and in the winter in Utah, warm clothing.  Volunteer in any of these capacities and you will be amazed to learn that you simply can NOT shine your star without finding your light reflected and increased.

What if you are disabled and stuck in bed for long periods of time?  I read a story about a woman with such severe multiple sclerosis that she could no longer do one thing for herself.  The things that we think create independence, bathing, toileting, walking, all of these were denied to her.  So she shined her star by becoming a "Prayer Warrior."  Each day her caregiver would list people by name, and need, then this "Prayer Warrior" would spend a great portion of the day praying for them.

I was deeply touched as I read her story.  I have had long periods of forced inactivity in my life.  I used to think of them as "bad days."  No I see them as an opportunity to do "quiet" activities.  Pray, meditate, read, write, connect with those you love by social media or phone, watch educational TV, (or Bones if you are a murder mystery junkie such as myself).

So I end as I begin, "You've gotta shine that star, no matter who you are, shine it bright to see what you can truly be."  Thanks Earth Wind and Fire for performing a song that has blessed my life.  A huge thanks to the person that wrote that inspiring, move and groove song!

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