Monday, May 20, 2013

Past and Future

I love to sit at our dining room table and pound out stories, ideas, and descriptions.  Tonight I sit at my table at twilight.  Sandwiched between two huge windows looking at the reflection in my enormous sliding glass doors, in the back I see the sunset, the lights in the valley twinkling on.  Looking forward I see the backyard shadowed by the darkness of the mountain.

It's a remarkable analogy of my life right now.  It's often that my past seems bright, filled with the joy of being Nyle's wife.  In the hardest times being married to Nyle made the darkness bright, brighter.  Miss him...oh so much.

Yet that shadowed darker future calls to me.  It murmurs of new possibilities...actually supporting myself on my writing...AWESOME IDEA!  Watching my girls continue to make their way in this world and being around to catch them if they ever need a safety net gives me a strong motivation to keep on keeping on.

Yes, here I am in the beginning of evening and the darkness of night and still I'm here!

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