Friday, May 31, 2013

Mama of Mine

Restless, driven, energetic, enthusiastic, but most of all unconditional loving...all of those characteristics and more describe my beloved Mother.  I can not think of her without smiling.  She has been a safe place all of my life. 

Mama was in labor for a month before her water broke.  Papa set new speed records on a residential road getting her to the hospital after her water broke.  She was already so far along the birthing process that attendants were literally holding things around her for privacy while they readied her for birthing.  I was born 20 minutes after they entered the hospital.  (At least I didn't make my appearance in the elevator, right?)

Mama's doctor was stuck on the Los Angeles crammed freeway.  (Even back in 1956 it was always a mess).  Two staff docs delivered me.  Mom's doc arrived as I made my appearance.  (Knowing me I probably tried to take a bow, but nobody noticed...hee hee)  Mom's doc stood in the back (not gowned or sanitized) and told everyone that would listen.  "This is a miracle.  Oh giving birth is always a miracle.  This woman has had such serious medical issues that it simply was no longer possible for her to be pregnant.  She could not maintain a pregnancy because of her kidneys and uterus.  Yet here is a baby....miracles happen!"

Mama always called me her little miracle.  To this day she will tell anyone who will listen the miraculous story of my birth...and she does it with such grace and instinct that it's still interesting...or maybe I just love hearing about my own birth!

Segue to the present.  Mama is 94 years old.  Her hair is mostly white.  She has very few teeth left.  Yet every morning she is helped to get dressed and spends the day with others, swapping stories, listening to sorrow or joy.  Even though she can no longer take care of herself, she can still love, share her stories, and listen to the stories of others.

I love my Mama...she is the very best in the world...for me!

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