Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Little Fun A Little Chat, A Little Thought of This and That

My last two posts were on the borderline of preaching, or lecturing.  OK maybe they WERE preaching or lecturing.  I want any readers to understand that usually when I post I am reminding MYSELF, first of some very important life lessons.  I try to post ideas that have a broad spectrum application. 

Yet we all come from different places and spaces...different heredity, different environments.  So, of course, sometimes I will say things that you may disagree with.  (No, really?  lol)  I LOVE IT when I get comments, a different point of view or suggestion about what I wrote. 

One of my books that will be published this year is "Thrive Don't Just Survive."  This book will contain many of the posts that I have written.  If you would like to see a specific post in that book you can vote for that by reading and commenting.  I am literally looking at the posts I have written that have been read the most to determine what to put in my book.  Not totally, there will also be some things in my book that probably aren't on my blog.

Obviously, I am still in the formulating stage of the book writing.  I would appreciate any comments, and ideas that you would like to share.  With your permission, I may include some of your stories in my book. 

It's no surprise that we are always stronger when we are united in a common purpose.  My common purpose is to make the world brighter for everyone.  This is something we can do together.  Thanks for all those who do read and comment.  I learn from all of you.

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