Sunday, November 11, 2012

This has bee a delightful 11/11

It has been a delightful 11/11.  Thinking about my sweetheart and the life we shared together has kept me joyous and warm all day.

I had some visitors, new friends from my church group.  That was a lovely, unplanned surprise. 

I sent some messages to those that loved Nyle, that he loved so much, (not everyone, there aren't enough hours in one day! :>)  

So to all of those that love Nyle, thank you for the contributions you made to his life.  Thank you also to all of you that love and help support me as I make new plans and go forward into my new life.  Nyle is still my rock, my anchor, but I just can't see him as well.  That's probably just as well because it's harder to quarrel when you can't see the person that you would like to quarrel with.

I didn't like to quarrel with Nyle, but I LOVED to make up with him AFTER the quarrel.  I hope that all of you are blessed enough to have a love in your life that inspires you to be the best that you can be....Nyle did that for me, and he still does.

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