Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Musical Movement

Ten car accidents left me with LOTS of back issues.  (I'm a TERRIFIC driver, but have ridden with some really NOT TERRIFIC drivers).  I was a dancer...I LOVED to dance, I LIVED to dance!  I still feel the same thrill when I hear a song with a singable lyric, and an excellent rhythm.  Sometimes I dance in a chair....sometimes I can dance on my mini-trampoline....but for me I MUST find a way to keep dancing.  My favorite quote of all quotes is, "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the RAIN!"

Many years ago I learned the secret that opened the world back to me....WATER AEROBICS!  Glorious joy, I climb into the warmth of a heated pool, and feel the silken embrace of the water.  I can  move as though I am 20 and have NO back issues, NO bad knees, no anything else negative of any type.

Magical movement pours out of my body, the same old magical movement that I used to feel dancing on a stage.  When I'm alone in the pool I also sing at the top of my lungs (great acoustics).  It's a terrific way to practice singing.  You REALLY hear the best and worst of your vocal abilities singing in a huge indoor pool.

I grab a noodle (long, styrfoam tube)  I sit on it and ride like I'm a kid again racing all over town on my bicycle.  For those of you who are older, do you remember the thrill of movement that bicycle gave?  I pretty much only got off of mine to eat, go to school, or sleep.  I have proud permanent scars on both my knees that can attest to the hundreds of hours I spent either riding, or falling off my bicycle.

What do you do that gives you a rush of adrenaline?  Sometimes eating delicious chocolate gives me the same rush (but then I crash and burn....still lovely for a little while!)  Singing, riding a bicycle, jumping on a trampoline, dancing, swimming, or playing in a pool?  I used to jump on a pogo stick....loved it!

We all NEED to exercise.  I'm not convinced that it will extend our lives.  I AM convinced that it WILL make the lives we live better and healthier.  So everybody get up out of your chair, and find a way to move that brings back the innocent joy of your childhood, and infuse the rest of your life's journey with it!

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