Thursday, November 29, 2012

Slow down you Move Too Fast

If you remember that title chances are that you are 40 years of age and above.  The words are, "Slow down you move to fast you've got to make the morning last just kicking down the cobblestone, do, do, do do do, feeling groovy!" such a well groovy word.  Early in my childhood the word groovy was added through popular culture.  Other words from that era are cool, neat or neato.  In the 60's there were Beatniks, in the 70's there were hippies.

Language in America is ever changing.  In my lifetime these words have been added to my vocabulary, "Sick," and in case you're confused this type of sick is GOOD.  Radical, decent, lol, jk, and all of the new acronym words invented for texting.

I feel sorrow for the immigrants trying to master this fluid, flowing language.  It seems that just about the time I begin to learn to speak well the language has changed.

I knew that I was falling in love with my husband when he admitted that he read the dictionary as a kid because he was fascinated with words.  He also LOVED to wipe others out when they were playing Boggle, and his all time favorite SCRABBLE.

I also had a constant love affair with words and had read it at great length over the years.  At college my roomies gave me a quote that said, "Women who try to become walking dictionaries should remember that reference books, are NEVER taken out!"  Here is where I will use one of those acronym names.)  lol

BTW, I LOVE language, linguistics, and studies about the development of language.  I have often wondered why our language has so much in common with Italian, Spanish, and French.  For example Hola is quite close to Hello.  There are many words that are pretty much the same but spelled differently.

I found out a fun fact from my daughter as we traveled in Europe.  Did you know that Merriam Webster change the "English" language to make the "American" language different.  He wanted our countries speech to be as different as possible while still allowing the Englishmen and the American's to converse.

So to sum up this discussion pull out a dictionary and start reading.  You'll probably be surprised by much you enjoy yourself.

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