Friday, November 23, 2012

Happiest of happy Snurffle Days!

About the fourth Christmas of my married life with Nyle he began to participate in what he called, "The Grand Christmas Tree Hunt."  This consisted of going to a government building and purchasing a "Christmas Tree Permit."  That gave him permission to go to certain mountainous areas and chop down a Christmas tree.

We purchased a four wheel drive vehicle and a couple of years he almost died in his pursuit of the PERFECT tree.  He and I decided that we would develop a tradition of celebrating the Friday after Thanksgiving when we would get our tree and decorate for Christmas.

The tradition developed through the years.  It was Nyle who designated it "Snurffle Day."  I have no idea to this moment where the name came from....well actually I know that it came from his brilliant, creative, talented mind.

When we moved to Portland we discovered a Christmas tree farm about 40 minutes from our home.  It was called "Sleighbells."  It was owned by a large family.  We would go drink free hot chocolate, then they would give us a ride up a steep hill to where the Christmas trees were waiting to be hunted.

We would relish the intense beauty of the Oregon world in late fall, early winter, and find the most beautiful tree on the hill.  Nyle loved Noble or Grand trees.  I loved Douglas so we would rotate every other year. 

Then as the girls grew older we added the fun of buying new jammies (Ardis and Sarah like theirs to match...STILL).  We'd come home from Sleighbells, put on our comfy new jammies, and decorate for Christmas.  JOYOUS!

When we moved to Utah we changed and rearranged the details, but Snurffle Day is proudly, joyously continued.  This year we are missing the mischievous joy that Nyle brought to the time but we still feel him close.  I know that he doesn't want us sitting around crying all day.  Instead he wants us to love, decorate, and create beautiful new memories.

There probably will be some tender crying in the missing of our beloved hubby and Papa, but more celebrating of his life, and contribution to ours will be enjoyed today more than tears.

HAPPY SNURFFLE DAY TO ONE AND ALL!  Create a tradition today....drink hot cocoa, or possibly MEXICAN hot cocoa...which is to die for!  Or call someone that you haven't spoken to in too long, Or just know that I love all my family and friends with great happiness and gratitude.


  1. I well remember learning about Snurffle Day during your Oregon years. It was one of the many ways I saw you and Nyle infuse your family life with warmth, laughter and more than a little silliness. It was a great example to me in my pre-parenthood days and showed me how much fun raising kids could be. It also showed me the importance of creating family traditions - we have our own and it's been amazing to see how important they remain to my kids even as they move into their teens and young adulthood. Just this year we were invited to a friend's home for an after-Thanksgiving gathering and my kids were united in saying NO: After Thanksgiving dinner and a reasonable period of digestion, we play games (this year it was Scattergories). No changes allowed. Of course, change is inevitable and sometimes it's terribly, horribly hard - as I imagine Snurffle Day without Nyle's physical presence must be. But the tradition lives on and, with it, his loving, joyful (and more than a little silly) spirit. Happy Snurffle Day, dear friend!

  2. Joyous Snurffle Day to you and your girls:)