Sunday, June 10, 2012


Touch is the name of a TV show.  It shows how our lives are connected on this planet.  I thoroughly enjoy the writing and acting of this wonderful program.  The premise is presented in a different way than I ever have seen.  The main character has an autistic son who can't speak.  He discovers that his son is communicating with him through numbers....numbers that somehow connect people, or show a life lesson.

A couple of years ago my family took our youngest daughter to college.  I had heard through the grapevine that my cousin worked in the bookstore.  I hadn't seen this cousin in over 25 years.  As a mature young woman of 12 I had a very big crush on this cousin...come on we were 2nd cousin's once removed...barely related. lol

So...I felt like I should visit with this cousin.  So timidly I searched out his office and visited with him.  He is still a charming, wonderful man and I very much enjoyed our reconnection.  The story does not end there.

I found out that his wife is an author.  She has self-published many books.  We connected and discovered that we are kindred spirits.  She has given me so much encouragement and courage in the quest to publish my own books.

It was in a Facebook message to her that another cousin, also related, connected with me again.  (We hadn't seen each other in 20 years). 

Now that's three connections...let's put a few more forward.  My author friend and I were chatting on one visit.  We discovered that the missionary companion I trained worked with her in the Salt Lake Temple in 1980.  The missionary companion and I are still friends.

I found out that one of my daughter's friends from Oregon has dated my cousin's son.  

I went to a missionary farewell today, for my cousin's niece.  There I reconnected with so many cousins, and friends...and a couple sat down at a table next to me.  We began chatting and soon found out that they live in the same small town that I live in.  What's more they own a condo in my complex, and they rented it out to a couple that are some of my best friends.

I'm excited to see the other connections that will still come about through this friendship renewal.  I'm so grateful for the experiences in my life.  Some people like to call them "the hand of God."  Some see them as coincidences.  I believe that God through His love for us, has woven a pattern of people in our lives. People who will bless our lives, and people that we will bless their lives.  To me these seemingly random connections are prove of a pattern, a design woven through our lives.  Just as a quilt may have one color that weaves through the entirety of the quilt, so patterns in our lives show a purpose, and value for our lives.

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