Monday, June 18, 2012

Loving and Being Loved

There is a marvelous book that I've read a little's called "The Five Languages of Love."  It helped me lots to understand better the things to do that made Nyle, my husband, feel loved...the things that others do that make ME feel loved.

I feel the most loved through positive affirmation.  In other words yesterday in Sunday School when the sweet lady next to me told me how much she enjoyed watching me write in my journal throughout all my church meetings, it made me happy, and I felt loved, and appreciated.

I also LOVE receiving gifts of time, love, thoughtfulness but the best is when someone verbalizes positive things about me.

I review the comments that are on my blog.  On my gloomiest days I'm lifted by the kindness of others.  I KNOW what a difference it makes in my life when someone says something as simple as, "You looked pretty in that outfit," or "You can always make me laugh."  (Hopefully those two comments do not come together as in, "You can always make me laugh, in that outfit!"  lol

I'm grateful for those that love me.  I'm also grateful for the many, MANY people on the earth to love.  Love IS a verb, and giving love to others ALWAYS lifts me, and make me happier.  One of the greatest goals of my life is to love without thought of what I will get in return.

So....a challenge for any and all reading this little post, today, right now, this minute, find a way to brighten someone's day, maybe it's a smile to a stranger you see as you are walking somewhere.  Jot off a note to your sister who is struggling.  Maybe give a cookie to somebody who helps's those very simple gestures that make a huge different in our world.

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  1. I love remembering this! My mom gave me the 5 languages of love book for Christmas and I am DEFINITELY a words of affirmation kind of girl! I must get it from my mom. Once we were talking to one of her good friends about it her friend said "NO WAY! People could LIE to you! I want PRESENTS!" The thought had never crossed either of our minds, but we knew Patty was a gifts person!