Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brave, the movie, or the movie goer

I have been anxiously anticipating a movie called BRAVE.  My anticipation was well rewarded.  I thoroughly enjoyed this animated film. 

Yet there were some things in the movie, that although funny made me wonder about taking children to it.  There are some pretty intense moment of violence with a very large bear.

There was a group of men that had nothing on the bottom half of their bodies.  It was a funny scene in context of the movie, but again, how do you explain to children, "Sweetie, all of the men don't have on pants, and it's OK, because it's funny?"

It seems as though many times films are targeted to younger audiences but then "adult" types of ideas on thrown into the movie to appeal to their parents.  One classic example of this idea was "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."  I really enjoyed that movie but didn't know how to explain to my not yet 10 year old daughter and her group of friends that went with us why the Monsigneur was singing about "Passions of the flesh," as he thought of the beautiful young gypsy maiden?

What ever happened to Pollyanna, The Jungle Book, Summer Magic, or The Love Bug, films that are light hearted, and wholesome.  It was delightful to know that you could take your children to Disney films and there would be NOTHING in them that you would make you want to cover your child's eyes, or their ears.

My Mother used to quote to me a little poem, that I've forgotten most of but there was something to the effect that when somebody makes a choice that is different than our value system first we disagree, then tolerate, then embrace. 

It is NOT my place to tell someone else how to live their life, or to make their choices.  Yet, how can you even make a choice of a movie to take your children if there is only the rare G rated movie, and even they have crude moments, violence that is too extreme, or adult types of humor?

Well, I will now climb down off my soapbox.  I do remember that one way to show that you disagree with the current trend is to NOT vote with your money.  Does that mean that you NEVER go to another movie with your family, or that you simply do your best to explain those words, or scene, or violence, away for the larger benefit of the entire movie?  I really would love to hear some discussion on this topic.  Please?

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  1. I often vote with my money, i.e., don't spend it on things that I don't want, don't fit with my value system, etc. - unfortunately, I think there are plenty of people ready to vote for all kinds of things I think are horrid! As for Brave and the underwearless Scots, that one seems easy compared to lots of things I've had to explain ("In Scotland, men who wear kilts don't wear underwear."). Sometimes it's tricky with little ones and sometimes you just want to distract their attention ("Squirrel!") but I often found that these situations presented a great opportunity to talk about things: our values as a family, other people's values, how we make choices, not judging others even as we make different choices, etc. Great fodder for discussion, even with wee ones.