Saturday, June 16, 2012

Time to giggle

PEMFEST was today.  I know that many of you will NOT be familiar with the name Pemberley.  If you have read Jane Austen there is a larger likelihood.  I live in a lovely little place that is very much like the tiniest of towns.  Today we had a day long celebration with children decorating and riding their bikes in a parade, games, for children and adults, face painting, and the best of all was the delicious barbeque.  It's a time that reminds me of my youth, and family reunions, or 4th of July parties.

I had the fun of sitting with a table of children, 12 years of age and younger.  One of them LOVED to tell KNOCK KNOCK jokes.  So....I have lived 55 years, and I believe that I have pretty much heard ANY KNOCK KNOCK joke that has ever been created.  Still the teller of these jokes did it with so much adorableness I laughed as though I had never heard them before. 

Knock Knock....Who is there?  Boo.  Boo who?  Now here is a different answer from the one I've always heard, "I didn't mean to scare you!"  Again, I laughed enthusiastically.  I wish words could begin to describe these "beautiful boy."  On an adorableness level from 1 to 10, 10 being the best he was way, way above a 10.  Brown curls, brown eyes with lashes that any girl would envy, dimples, honestly this boy is going to break hearts, he may be already at the ripe old age of 4!

Often there is talk about the "Wounded Child."  Most of us will not make it through childhood without encountering some rough stuff.  Yet it was so wonderful for me today to remember those joyous moments of childhood when the most serious concern was yummy food, sunshine, friends, and family!  I LOVE to focus on my "Inner child,"  I worry the most for my "Outer Adult."

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