Sunday, June 10, 2012

I love...

My family is one of my richest blessings.  I am so grateful for my slightly enormous Mormon family.  I have over 70 first cousins, and I'm actually friends with many of my 2nd cousins.  All through my life they have inspired me, lifted me, and taught me

I have one sister, and one brother, but they have provided me with 16 amazing nephews and nieces, and over 40 great nephes and nieces.  I even have one GREAT GREAT NIECE!  I also have a beloved sister-in law, and brother-in law from my side of the family.

On Nyle's side of the family I have three living brother-in laws, and four living sister in laws, and sixteen nephews and nieces.  Brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, from Nyle's side or mine, they are all my relatives, my family.

I'm SOOOO grateful for the chance I have had to marry my soulmate, and spend twenty-six years together, living,  loving, and laughing....laughing SO MUCH!  Although he's not as close now (since he's transitioned into his eternity), he will always be a huge part of my heart!

Our two daughters have enriched my life.  I simply can not imagine how I lived life before they entered my life.

My parents, oh what a blessing they both were, and are.  One of the richest blessings in life is being born to goodly parents.  There are no PERFECT parents, but mine were and are perfectly wonderful.

My grandparents were and are one of my greatest examples.  I love them!

You may have noticed there is a recurring theme in this post...GRATITUDE!  I am SOOO grateful for the family I was born into, and the many beloved friends that have become my family by choice!

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