Monday, March 28, 2011


Tiny and delicate the peach colored yarn folded stitch into stitch. A lacy pattern began to form. I have never knitted baby clothes before. Patience is NOT my greatest strength. It takes patience to create something that forms so slowly with teeny, tiny, little knitting needles.

Through the years I've been intimidated by a command in the world of knitting acronym for Pass Slip Stitch Over. I have NEVER learned how to do this stitch. I tend to cower from things that are difficult in knitting. "After all," my reasoning says "Knitting is supposed to be relaxing, enjoyable. Doing hard things while knitting would just create more stress than it releases."

What a lovely time in which we live. I Googled PSSO...and in seconds, THOUSANDS OF RESULTS were at my fingertips. Finally.....FINALLY....I realized that I was being ridiculous...letting my fears keep me from creating something lovely....that I WANTED to create. So I watched a brief instructional video on this stitch.

Imagine my confusion to find out that I already had been doing this stitch for the last FORTY-TWO YEARS! Another name for this is "decrease stitch." Simply by learning that the stitch I knew how to construct had a different name, a whole new skillset was unlocked.

How often do I do that in life? "It's too hard, I don't want to be bothered," and in thinking this way shut myself off from great opportunities?

Our daughters Sarah and Ardis lead the way for me. They simply don't let FEAR of ANYTHING stop them from achieving their dreams! Ardis is attending Cambridge, Sarah is going on a mission. From the day of their birth they have taught me....a cautious creature of habit to reach further, stretch higher, and in doing so improve my life!

Before I had the privilege of Ardis and Sarah in my life, Nyle was my exemplar. He decided to finish his college education. He had severe spinal disease. Sometimes after attending classes where he sat for hours in seats that were simply not built for a man of his size his legs would give out. He would then lie on his stomach and make his way back to the car by pulling himself along with his arms. He did NOT see this as heroic, but simply doing what he needed to achieve his goal of graduation.

Before Nyle was a part of my life, there were two beloved parents. A Papa who taught me that prayer is power. A Mama who NEVER let me give up. My brother and sister loved me, lifted me, and sustained me.

I should be reaching higher, stretching further, and I'm SO grateful for these precious people that have shown me by example how to do that.

I have only mentioned my immediate family, but all of you....AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...that have touched my life for good...including the dear sister in Primary who taught me how to knit, I love you, and I'm grateful everyday for your influence!

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  1. Sarah's going on a mission?!?! Why didn't anyone tell me? Where is she going?