Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Mother, has served as President of the Relief Society in three states, California, Utah, and Missouri. (Relief Society is the oldest continuous women's organization in the United States) The position is leader of the Women's group in the local congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saint. Just as different as those states are in culture, geography, and climate, so have the needs of each congregations women been different. Mama makes it look easy to love women of all backgrounds, and differences of opinion.

She has fostered over twenty children. She had eight pregnancies because she wanted a large family. Only three children survived from these faith filled attempts to bring children to this earth. When I asked once how she handled all of that disappointment she simply said, "I learned that you don't have to give birth to be the mother of children. There are many, MANY children all ready on earth that need love, and care."

One of my favorite stories about my Mother was when she was a beautiful twenty-three year old. Employed by ZCMI in downtown Salt Lake City she was assigned to sell war bonds in the front of the building in a Kiosk. She earned the position of 5 star general of sales. I think the management of ZCMI were wise enough to know that putting a beautiful young woman to sell the bonds could ONLY be a positive situation for them.

I could write a tribute about my Mother that would be hundreds of pages long. She is in truth one of my favorite humans to walk this earth. She's this dear to me, not just because she's MY Mother but as an example of the way to live life to it's fullest.

I was born with severe allergy asthma, hay fever, and skin reaction. My immune system was far too sensitive. I over reacted to almost everything on this beautiful planet.

For the first three years of my life I existed on three foods, and ONLY three foods. Every other food that she and my patient Papa tried to feed me wound me up in the hospital wheezing, and oxygen starved. Goat's milk, babyfood pears, and babyfood lamb were my diet staples. The doctors told Mama and Papa that my large appetite saved my life. That meant that since I was SOOO hungry all the time I was willing to eat whatever I had to. SIGH...that doesn't translate as well as it used to!

Mama and Papa were an indefatigable team in not only keeping me alive but helping me to understand the benefits of living. Mama feels the need to tell me every time that we're together that I AM A MIRACLE. I NEVER get tired of hearing that story. It reminds me in dark times that my live is more than a sum of it's parts, after all I AM A MIRACLE!

Mama took me to chiropractors, chiropodists, naturopath's, herbologists, podiatrists, reflexologists, allergists, and along our journey we found that some were quacks in medical garb, and some were heros. Obviously something worked because I'm still here at 54!

Mom and I have had our quarrels. They rarely last longer than half an hour. At this point we both start to cry, and throwing our arms around each other exclaim, "I'm so sorry," at the same time. There simply is no reason for the two of us to be at odds. I love my Mother. One of my richest blessings is to be born of this woman!

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