Thursday, March 24, 2011


Joyous moment when I opened the door and there was our beloved niece Garnet. One of my favorite creatures on this earth is the firefly. That delightful creature lights the darkness as though it's a small star flying about in the night. If I could describe Garnet as a creature it would be a firefly. She's a tiny little human, but mighty and powerful.

She has so much energy our dear Garnet. This week she is helping her sister. Sister dear has taken a much needed vacation. Garnet is watching over her 5 nephews and nieces, AND still keeping up with her University classes. Did I mention that brilliant light, and energy this girl carries?

We have lived far apart for all of Garnet's life. To have her less than half an hour away is so much fun. I feel as though she is a dear friend I have always known but now we are catching up on time spent apart.

I LOVE being an aunt. It's the fun of watching a beloved child grow, learn, and become, WITHOUT the heavy responsibility of being a parent! I LOVE being a parent, but being an AUNTIE is also AWESOME! Beware all nephews and nieces, I have the definite tendency to spoil you all....since I love you dearly!

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