Sunday, March 13, 2011


A spa day is always a joyous experience. The physical act of being massaged, painted, and pampered never fails to renew me to face life.

Yet there is a better method for me to rejuvenate. Blessed with amazing family, being in their presence time marches away far too quickly. My Mama is one of my favorite humans. Our two girl's are also part of that familial circle of joy.

On Friday our youngest daughter Sarah came home from BYU Idaho to be with family, and help welcome the newest member of our family, Aurelia Hope. Aurelia is perfectly beautiful, and as we rejoiced in her entry into our world, I also felt gratitude fill my heart for this precious little woman. She will no doubt teach us, love us, and how we already love her!

Sitting at the table at my sister-in law and brother's home yesterday was four generations. My beloved mama at ninety-two, my sister-in law, niece, and her precious daughter. Watching my Mama hold Aurelia will be a beloved image forever in my mind. Aurelia slept in her great-grandma's arms, safe, protected and cared for.

There were other family members there making a joyous chaos of sound and reconnection. Our nephew (OK, technically, he's our nephew-in law but we don't bother with those qualifications. We simply can't remember what life was like before he was part of it! We LOVE that boy!) Jeff's parents were there. I have come to recognize that our family has been richly blessed by their addition into our ranks. I'm always sad when they AREN'T around.

My sister was there with her granddaughter. This is the first time in over ten years that my sister Carla-Rae and I have lived in the same state! I'm SO EXCITED about this. I've missed her beyond belief as she has moved about the world, having adventures, learning, and making the world a better place by being in it! She is after all parents always called her their "Ray of sunshine," and in my life she lives up to that title!

Yet, within every joyous reunion is the hard moment of parting. How I look forward to the time when there will be NO parting. When time has no weight in our lives, and distance can no longer separate.

I want to pay tribute to the two Sarah's in my life. My Mother Sarah, and our daughter Sarah. the name means "Princess," and comes from Hebrew. The fact that there are MANY Sarah's merely shows to me that the name is so exquisite that many people are touched by it's power.

My Mother is salty, earthy, wise, funny, and if I had to choose only ONE word to describe her it would be LOVE! I believe that the Merriam Webster Dictionary has a serious flaw. Next to the word CHARITY instead of any other words it should simply list the definition as Sarah and then my Mama's last name. Of course, before that it would list her favorite example of that quality, Jesus Christ.

Our daughter Sarah was named after her grandma. She often tells me that we gave her an amazing example of how to live. Sarah Jr. is also amazing, attending BYU Idaho and in the current semester taking 20 credit hours. Somehow she managed to get A's while being in a dance group, having a church calling, ushering at devotionals, and singing in a campus choir. She does all of this, AND keeps track of family, and friends.

Having them together in my weekend reminded me that I am so blessed. In another blog entry I will discuss the two Ardis's in my life, our daughter and Nyle's Mother. Nyle's Mother was my Mother as well. She lovingly supported, and enriched our lives forever.

Nyle my beloved hubby of twenty-five years is conspicuously absent in this posting. Yet in every thought that I have he is there. I am blessed indeed to have paired with a man that has such an incredible ability to love.

This weekend has been far too short, but I will cling to the joy that it has brought me.

I am so grateful for all of these blessed influences in my life.

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  1. How beautiful! Family is the best - how grateful I am that they are eternal!