Wednesday, January 26, 2011


“It should be the happiest day in my life!” Beth thought to herself. Her mother was taking Beth’s hair out of rag curlers. Beth felt like she was distanced from her body watching everything that was happening. She wanted to say, “Stop, this can’t be right. I can’t marry anyone except Eric Calkin. STOP!” The moment that thought would hit she would look to her left. There was Angela being prepared for renewal of her vows to Eric Calkin.

Beth couldn’t accept that she would never marry Eric. At the same time she felt that she if she hurt Eric, and Angela it would give her some comfort. She would marry Jamie, Eric’s half brother. Then when she broke Jamie’s heart it would hurt the entire Calkin family. How could they have ruined her perfect plans? She was a much better match for Eric. He needed a woman of refinement, and breeding. He needed a woman who could help him move forward into a positive future.

Beth continued to plot. Jamie was a half-breed. He wasn’t good enough for Beth. Beth would marry him just to make the Calkin family hurt. When she revealed her spite for Jamie, when she made him as miserable as he deserved, well that would show Eric, and Angela. It would wouldn’t it? Sometimes in Beth’s darker moments it seemed that the only person that would be hurt by her twisted, spoiled plans was herself.

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