Sunday, January 30, 2011


I don't know who the musician was that created the organ. I will...after all I have the internet at my fingertips to do research on this topic. In the meantime may I say that I LOVE to play the organ. It's a magical tool that enables me to put chimes in Christmas songs, make a song loud, and luscious, or tiny, and tender. I play the organ sometimes in our church meetings. I'm NOT good. I play because I LOVE the gift of playing for others to sing as they worship. Gratefully nobody in the congregation has complained about the occasional sour notes. I AM getting a bit better, but trust me I have a WHOLE LOT of room to improve.

I would challenge anyone who has the opportunity to find an organ and try the different stops to hear the multitude of sounds that can be created. Then quickly, find an organ teacher because you will LOVE playing the organ!

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