Monday, January 24, 2011

From 1st grade through 12th grade my beloved Mama often packed lunches for me to take to school. Usually she would include a note for me. Sometimes the notes were written on a napkin so that I could read the note, and then turn it over and use it for other purposes.

Often she would start the note with Dearest Objoyful. That's what she called me a lot. She said that my name Caroljoy meant Song of Joy. She wanted to remind by calling me Objoyful that it is important in life to find joy even in the tough times.

One of my favorite quotes says it well. "Life is NOT about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." I LOVE that quote. It sums up my life so neatly. If I had spent my life waiting for the storm to pass, I would not have accomplished much. There have been a great number of storms in my life, and thanks to my beloved Mama I knew to dance my way through them!

When I would return home from school with a woeful face from anger, disappointment or hurt Mama would say, "Go turn on the stereo and dance for awhile." Following her advice I would dance until my sorrow would pass. Of course that might be why I still dance like I'm angry! lol It's no wonder that I love that quote....literally that's what my Mama taught me to in the storm!

Now it's my beloved husband who encourages me to dance in the storm. When he had a heart attack before he would let our daughters, and I take him to the hospital he insisted that we open some packages that he had bought for us. He had bought plaques with the motto, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but about dancing in the rain."

Taking him to the ER he proceeded to show us by his example the truth of that idea. He was joking with all of the nurses and attendants, this as he is having a heart attack! Hmmmm.....that might be taking the idea TOO No, he is the very personification of the quoted words., whatever your trials, or adversity, I challenge you to "Dance in the rain!" Just like Gene Kelly did in the movie, "Singing in the Rain," get out your best rain shoes, tap shoes, or kick off your shoes, and dance. If you can't stand then sit and dance. You'll be amazed at how good it feels!


  1. Mom, you're amazing. And such a good writer, I just feel like I'm talking with you when I read your writing. I am SO GLAD that you have a blog to share your writing with the world! I am totally sharing it with all of my friends! I love you!

  2. You are simply one of my favorite people ever! I'm glad we found each other again on this side of eternity. Keep Writing, you are fabulous and I'm SO proud of you for starting a blog!