Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Eve Ann, Evie Ann, Evenann, and Evenannie are just a few of the loving names I've called our beloved niece. She had the distinct family position of being the 7th child in a family of seven, the ONLY girl. That's right six boys and Eve. To this very moment she keeps her brothers securely wrapped around her little finger.

I worried when she married. After all she is so amazing, how could she find a husband worthy of her amazingness? (That is too a word, even if I just made it up.) Unbelievable, she found Jeff...who is one of the dearest men in the entire world. Maybe I love him so much because he reminds me of two other beloved men in my life. One was my Papa, and the other is my husband. All three of those men are living proof that strength is best when gentle. Gentle giants all of them.

Their daughter Izabella calls us Aunt Granny and Uncle Gramps. I find these names appropriate because she is lovingly teaching us lessons about becoming grand parents. Her Mama helped me learn how to become a Mama long before I had that privilege. Now Izabella is teaching us how to be grand parents.

Eve and Jeff had a precious little one that died. They lovingly named her Talitha after one of our great-great grandma's. The actual full name is Talitha Cumi from the New Testament. It's Hebrew for the words that Jesus uttered when he raised a young girl from the dead. "Arise damsel," is the English interpretation.

They had every reason to weep and wail, and become bitter at God for taking away this precious little angel. They DID grieve, but with such wisdom and courage that they have set a dear example for the rest of us.

They bought bracelets engraved with Talitha's name, and birthdate. They wear those bracelets to remind them that their faith teaches them that Talitha is NOT lost to them. There will be a glorious reunion. In the meantime, Talitha is as close as their skin.

How I honor and love this precious family for their wisdom, courage, and grace in this hardest of experiences. I know a little bit about such sorrow....our precious son died inside of me when I was almost 5 months pregnant with him. I learned the heartache that comes with the loss of a child, whether they are still just a dream and possibility, or whether they have spent time in your life, and heart.

Their courage continues on. Even though Eve is diabetic and being pregnant is extremely difficult for her they are expecting their third child. I honor their courage at again taking the risk of pregnancy to share their lives and love with another human being.

Thank you my beloved niece, nephew, and great niece. I love you SOOO much!

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  1. Oh, I just love them so much! Eve and Jeff are some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. They are just such kind, wonderful people, and I cannot wait until I come back and meet their new baby!

    And I can't wait to have kids, because I know how much they are going to be loved and completely spoiled by their doting grandparents, given the example of our cute Bella :)