Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two More?

We have all heard the old adage, "Money Can't Buy Happiness."  Once again it has been proven.  Two celebrities, a "Reality TV" star, and a star from Rizzoli and Isles have killed themselves.  They were both young, both had their entire lives ahead of them.  They were wealthy, talented, seemingly with everything to live for. 

There is no evidence of whether they had clinical depression or circumstance related depression.  Either way the result is the same...a young person who would change the world by their presence is gone.

Life is precious in any circumstance.  This life has so much to offer.  I have come to understand that sometimes when I feel the most negative of emotions life is still precious.  I am amazed as I journey through this world how many of the hardest experiences of my life have prepared me for other experiences, other challenges.  So sometimes I stop and ask myself when in the thick of struggle, "What possible purpose could this challenge, this lesson have in store for me?"

When my entire family was in an awful car accident that left them all with permanent damage I was blessed with an emergency insight.  In my mind I heard, "Let this experience teach you a Master Class on life."  Did I want to take that class?  NOPE!  Did I want my family to suffer...NOPE! 

Yet I'm learning that asking HOW instead of WHY is one of the best ideas.  HOW gives me a small measure of control in an otherwise out of control situation.  WHY?  That question goes unanswered and makes me feel completely frustrated and upset.

Please, PLEASE, if you feel the need to end your own life, pick up the phone and dial  911...don't give in to the darkness.  We need each every person to stay on earth and act as a force of good in their sphere!

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