Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pretty, Pretty Princess?

I hear so much these days about how all women are born princesses.  I understand the premise behind this idea.  We are all important.  We all need individual attention.  We all need to know that we are beautiful and powerful.  Confidence is one of the greatest beautifiers.

I would like to investigate that idea today.  First of all let's look at the life and duties of a real life princess.  So much of the world was fascinated when Kate married Will in England.  It seemed like the dream come true, the happily ever after.

I mean come on, she married a handsome prince, and now she has no monetary problems....AT ALL.  That is the very definition of "Happily Ever After," right?

Have you ever seen the list of duties that come to a Princess?  Their schedule is determined for them by a "Social Secretary."  They move from one responsibility to another morning to night.  There are charities to sponsor, events to attend (just to show the support of the monarchy).  She MUST find causes that she connects with and find ways and means to improve those situations.

She has NO expectation of privacy.  Think of the unfortunate picture of the princess sunbathing topless.  The picture was taken over 2 miles away with a long range camera.  She was having a vacation with her husband.  There should have been no problem. Imagine having that much exposure (pun intended).

Every step of your life there is someone lurking wanting to take pictures or get a story.  You don't do housework or cook, but almost every waking hour you are accountable for something or someone. 

I love people, and helping them.  Yet I do NOT spend every hour of everyday thinking about how I can help others.  I spend lots of hours enjoying my own life, and doing what I want when I want.  Think of suddenly being thrust into the limelight...each of your actions are discussed, weighed and balanced, and discussed some more.

"Happily ever after," belongs to fairy tales.  The reality is that sometimes you and your spouse or roomies WILL disagree.  Sometimes you WILL be sick.  Sometimes for most of us it will be hard to pay the bills.  Hard times happen, but the hard does lend joy a awareness of blessing.

So put on your tiaras, be a princess, but remember even princesses have hard times.  Sometimes princesses probably envy you!

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