Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

What is happening in your life?  Do the minutes, hours, days, and weeks, fly by like an impatient wind... are you pushing, pushing to get to a destination?  Do you ever stop and think, "What am I rushing for?"

When I was three years old I was asked to give a brief talk to the Primary (young children group in church).  My Mama had me practice each and every day.  I stood before a mirror and watched my facial expressions and practiced E N U N C I A T I N G every single letter, and also giving the little verse some emotional impact.

To this moment I'm grateful for an amazing Mama who loved her chidlren enough to make us improve and grow...especially when we didn't want to! 

The poem is, "Said the Robin to the Sparrow, I should really like to know, why these anxious human beings rush about and worry so.  Said the Sparrow to the Robin, friend, I think that it must be that they have no Heavenly Father such as cares for you and me."

If you believe in a God, a Creator do you believe that he love us and is watching over us?  I personally believe in a God that love us enough to create this amazing world for us to learn and grow.  He is always willing to help us...ALWAYS, all we have to do is humble ourselves enough to ask.

Do we rush about and worry so?  On a day recently I found myself, rushing, rushing, got to do this, have to do that.  I finally stopped myself (as I found myself completely out of breath) and thought, "Why am I rushing?"  I'm retired from my first career in clerical/childcare/supervisory work.  I'm a writer but I'm an Indie writer so my deadlines are all my own.

I realized that my life had given me a habit of rushing...I mean there were all those years of Nyle finishing college and then Law School while I worked full time and we had two amazing little girls.  In that part of my life rushing had to be the norm.  I was the Queen of multi-tasking.  Let's step back in time and have a mental view of my evenings in that time.

I'm talking on the phone coordinating some voluntary church work, while the clothes are washing, and drying, I'm helping the girls with homework, preparing dinner, and trying to keep the kids quiet so that Nyle can study for Law School. 

One day I said out loud to a friend, "I can't wait until Nyle graduates from Law School.  I'll be so happy and life can slow down a bit."

Nyle over heard me and after our friend left he said something I will never forget.  "If you keep waiting for some magical time to be happy you may make it all the way through life without being happy.  You have to FIND happiness, MAKE happiness where you are...whatever you are doing."  His words will always resonate with me.

I believe that when life is over and we review our own personal film we will see that we spend years of life just waiting.  Waiting in the line at the grocery store, doctor's office, on the phone to get a human being, waiting in the car for your kids to finish school, waiting...waiting...waiting, to give birth, to finish school, to get a job, waiting...waiting...waiting.  May I repeat YEARS of our life if we live to be 90/100 will be spent waiting.

What do you do when you are stuck waiting?  In the car in a traffic jam, at the doctor or dentist, while you are trying to finish school, have children, a husband, and a household to juggle.  How do you wait, and are you happy while you wait?

I LOVE to visit with people in line as I wait.  In our society we have developed this personal shield that surrounds each of us to protect us from anything that makes us uncomfortable.  I love to just shatter the shield by asking questions or saying something that I think someone would find interesting.  People are unfailingly interestingly, and I learn lots by waiting this way.

I read a good book, or work on my own series in my head as I wait...I read scriptures or interesting talks as I wait, no, not "Said the Robin to the Sparrow..."  lol

If you have suggestions about how you wait productively I would LOVE to hear them!  

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