Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Count Your Many Angels

Surveys about the belief in angels have been performed.  It does NOT surprise me that MOST people believe in the concept of angels.  For those of us who have been separated by death from our beloved family members it is greatly comforting to believe that they are now still with us but in a different dynamic.  Some people say they are in a "Spiritual Realm," and we are in a "Physical Realm."  I don't really care what it's called but I know for certainty that there IS something after this life. 

I have been gifted to have sacred not all of my dreams, but many of them.  They are different from my regular dreams.  There is a different feel to them, almost as though someone says to me, "Pay attention something important is about to happen."

I also believe that when God wants you to receive critical information he uses someone that we love, or feel comfortable with to give that information.  If some angel that you didn't know gave you knowledge you might not believe it or you might rationalize it away.  There is more power in the connection of love.

When I was going through breast cancer treatment I was only 34.  I couldn't sleep, terrified at the concept that I might die and leave my beloved family.  I wanted to grow old with Nyle, watch our precious girls grow into adults, and work hard to improve myself.

One morning I awakened feeling happy, energetic, ready to tackle a new day (even though that day included a round of radiation).  At first I was too detail oriented to think about the difference in how I felt.

When I was in the waiting room at the radiation clinic I had lots of time to think, and the dream came back to me.  In the dream I was in a place that really did not have boundaries as we think about on earth (rooms, walls, etc.)  This place was crowded with people.  I recognized many of them, My Papa, Grand parents, brother, etc. etc.

I also realized that I loved the rest of those spirits but did not know them.  I felt that I had perhaps known them before this life, or that they were assigned to watch over me.

In my dream Grandpa spoke (I adored my Grandpa and he died when I was only 8 years old).  He told me, "You have heard that people have a ministering angel that watches over you on earth.  I want you to understand that all of these people," he pointed to the crowd, "Are watching over you to give you strength and comfort in the hard parts of life."

The dream was so real to me.  I felt as though I was in a sacred time and place during that dream.  One of my friends jokingly said, "Wow, you are going to have a seriously difficult life if you need THAT many angels!"  I chortled over that idea.

Still the course of my cancer path was changed by that dream.  I believed with all of my heart that I DID have a large group of angels watching over me that loved me and wanted to help me through that very difficult time.  Having that faith, I knew that I WOULD come through this particular "Valley of the Shadow of Death."  Psalms 23

In the darkness of night when your particular trial looms far too large for sleep I have a suggestion.  Count your angels."  They are much more fun to count than sheep.  I mean, talk to each one.  Visualize them as though they are right there.  Only positive thoughts, this is NOT the time to work out abuse, or negative things.  So you should skip the angels that have harmed you or that have caused you trauma.

Focus on the angels that loved you unconditionally on this earth...friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. etc.  It's amazing what a positive space this can create for you to fall asleep in.  I'm not speaking about praying to these angels.  God is who we pray to.  Death does not elevate our loved ones above our Heavenly Father.  Talk to those beloved angels....tell them things that are bothering you, and feel the warmth of the love that they still have for you.

I believe in angels.  Especially I believe in angels now that my soulmate has joined their ranks.  I count those angels, and then pray and thank God for the gift of eternal life...that we will be together again, and that sometimes we can feel the healing touch of those angels that love us but are in a spiritual realm.

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