Friday, July 26, 2013

Building Duomos?

This post is for women...and those who love women.  The list includes Mother's, Daughters, Sisters, Cousins, Friends who are family, Wife, Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Cousins....etc. etc  Hmmm that includes pretty much everybody, right?  (Wink)

Please show by the raise of hand how many that are reading this right now had "Stay at home Mom's, or Dad's?"  Now by the show of hands, how many of you ARE "Stay at home Mom's, or Dad's?"  Next, "How many of you work outside the house and still try to carry the load of a "Stay at home Mom or Dad?" 

First I wish to paraphrase a wonderful story.  The story is about a woman who feels that her contribution in life is paltry.  She's a "Stay at home Mom."  She's NOT changing the world.  When she dies her absence will not even be noticed.  Hmmm....anybody else out there that feels that way?  You are raising too many let's change your mind.

In Europe there are grand cathedrals, in Italy they call them duomos (I like that better than the word much more user friendly).  As you gaze on these towering, majestic works of art raised for the privilege of worship have you ever thought about the craftsmen that built them in the first place?  What kind of labor of love can create such beauty...a gift to raise our eyes upwards into the heaven's. 

Do you see plaques anywhere naming those amazing artists that worked hour upon exhausted hour?  Look at the masonry, design, flooring, walls (some are three feet thick), nave, sanctuary....look at all those amazing items. 

In America there are also majestic works of art that fail to name the craftsmen who created them...Brooklyn Bridge, lovely churches that dot the land, the London bridge which is now residing in Arizona?  (Still confused about  All of these things fail to list a single name that created such majesty for us to enjoy.  Their names are gone, their contributions left to anonymity, yet their works continue to inspire.

The comparison is direct and easy to make.  There will be no plaque raised that says, "Ardis Kay, and Sarah Smith, and many part-time daughters and sons, were assisted and directed by CJ and Nyle.  The awards that my daughters have already achieved in their young lives do not have a postscript at the bottom that says (awarded to Ardis and Sarah because they have amazing parents!)  That is as it should be, yet as we change what seems like the millionth stinky diaper today do we have that vision...that knowledge of what a long lasting contribution we are making?

So today, Mom's and Dad's, all those unnamed heroes and sheroes who stay up nights with a sick child, and then go to work the next day and work despite being unable to keep their eyes open.  Those of you who are actively molding, loving, and guiding children.  Please catch a glimpse, a vision of who these little ones ARE and who they have the power to BECOME!  Remember, you are building cathedrals!

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