Thursday, April 21, 2011

Women of the Drifting Anchor Ranch

I've decided to self-publish my eight novel series "Women of the Drifting Anchor Ranch." I'm going to start with Wilhelmina Elizabeth. Her book is comparable to "Taming of the Shrew," "Kiss Me Kate," "My Fair Lady," or "Pygmalion." I will put small sections from my eight novels in my Blog over the next several weeks.


My dearest Jamie:

When you read this I will have joined the World of Spirits.

Don’t grieve for me. The last thing that I would ever wish

my beloved son is sorrow. Rejoice my Jamie in the joy

of living. How excited I am for the journey ahead of you!

Your marriage will start out with obstacles to overcome.

Beth needs all the love that you can give her. Her parents

are fine people but they have not been able to give her the

love she needs. Have faith my Son. Your love will win

her over. The love you two will share will be as great a

love as the world has known.

Be patient with Beth as she finds her path. You will be

the parents of noble spirits. They too will test your love

but never give up on that love. Love brought Blake and

I together, love created you, love brought you and Beth

together, and love will create many generations to follow

you. Love is a gift from God. Never forget Jamie I am

with you always. I will always love you. Mother

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