Monday, April 18, 2011

The Most Joyous Day of My Life

How does emotion affect you? Do you feel a rush of anger that burns? Do teeny, tiny, breezes brush against your skin and fill you with exultation at being alive? When you are together with your family, do you feel an unnamed dread at the possibility of sorrow or misunderstanding. Or do you hear whispers of eternity, the dream of being together forever?

In this life both negative and positive emotions are important. Just as a magnet has two poles, life teaches us through opposition. Through pain, sickness, and sorrow, we understand the importance of power of joy, and health. Grief sharpens our joy. Joy makes grief harder.

Saturday, April 16, 2011, there was NO opposition. All I felt was the purest of joy. My entire family unit (2 daughters, husband, and I) was together in the LDS Temple. There we worshipped together, and dreamed of eternal life spent together.

We also had the pure joy of many of our extended family. How we love and treasure our extended family.

I am most grateful for the pure joyous days. I'm also grateful to know that when the "opposition" days come, as they must for all of us, I can use the power of pure joy to cope with, and overcome those "opposition days."

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