Monday, December 17, 2012

Perspective....Half Full....Half Empty

First thing in the morning I MUST take my doggy Rolly for a Strolly. (I do like rhyming, you may notice.)  This morning as Rolly pranced along (I didn't prance....I just kind of walked slowly) I looked to the western sky.  Fresh blueness of sky greeted my morning eyes.  I stopped for a moment (Rolly was having a sniff fest at that moment)  I filled my soul with the newness of this day, and the beauty of blue sky.

After walking to the west for a short distance we turned to retrace our steps.  Savage, dark, clouds greeted my vision.  The clouds were heavy, leaden, and appeared to hold copious quantities of snow. seems such an ordinary word but it literally frames our days and nights on this earth.  We hear about this subject often...because it's SO IMPORTANT! 

The sky was brilliant blue AND dark with threats of snow.  Where did I choose to gaze?  Even the words that I just used to describe the contrast of sky could be changed to a more positive interpretation...laced with the beauty of snowfall.

Another rhyming phrase that I focus on is an Attitude of Gratitude.  This rhyming phrase has carried me through many a dark day and night.  There is a lovely little song that says, "When I am tired and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep, and I fall asleep, counting my blessings!"

Another perspective lesson that I remember was flying.  Leaving Portland our plane went soaring, up, up, up.  We passed through layers of rain laden cloud.  When we reached crusing altitude the sky was brilliant blue.  It reminded me of a folk song from my youth, "I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down..."  Wondrous to see "Clouds from both sides..."

As I flew on that day years ago I was startled by the realization that ALWAYS above the clouds and dark weather of life there is the bluest of beautiful sky.  It's up to us to see that brilliant blue sky and remember that it's always above us even when clouds of storm block it from our view.

In my personal season of sorrow I DO "Count my blessings instead of sheep."  I know that my sweetheart who had a personal motto, "Happy not Crappy" would expect nothing less of me.

Oh I DO lose my perspective.  I DO have pity parties.  Yet instead of letting life push me down, and then staying down, I WILL bounce up!  You never fail until you quit trying.  I will KEEP trying...every day....and every night!

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