Monday, December 31, 2012


I opened the door of the theatre office at BYU. I was receptionist/secretary for the theater department of the college. My boss asked me if I would like to do some freelance typing using the word processor that the department owned. I was happy for the opportunity.
When I opened the door to the tall, dark, stranger at the theatre office I was slightly startled. It wasn't due to feelings of danger. This man had the kindest face. It was also the handsomest face. He was a giant of a man standing at six foot four inches. 

I did not immediately feel that my soul mate had arrived at last.  For me there was no love at first sight.  What I did enjoy was that he was silly and playful.  He actually laughed at my jokes!

I typed for him quite often for the next month.  One of his works was a screenplay called Allovial.  In the middle of that screenplay love arrived.  I felt that anyone who could create an alternate reality with imagination, humor, and tenderness was someone that I wanted to know better and possibly spend the rest of my life with!

I invited Nyle to my house for a birthday party...for me.  I only invited one other person.  The other person was a young man who was wickedly handsome.  He had asked me out on a date and I turned him down.  Sean was the type of man that it would be fun to be stranded on a dessert island with, but only for a short time.  I sensed that Nyle was the type of man that I could depend on, day to day, for an entire lifetime.

Nyle told me later that he thought that Sean was my real interest, and that I asked Nyle to throw Sean off the scent.  It was actually the other way around.  I invited Sean so that Nyle wouldn't know I was interested.  It was the first time in Nyle's relationship with Sean that a woman had been more interested in HIM than in Sean.

When I invited the two men I had no idea that they had a love/hate relationship.  They were both game masters.  They played games in the method that the knights of old jousted.  There were no TIES or civility in their playing.  Whatever the game that they played it was for blood.

It was uncomfortable at first because they were coming off a hate cycle.  They had not spoken to each other for a while.  When we started playing a game of Scrabble they both attacked the game with such concentration that they didn't even pay attention to my playing.  This was to my advantage.  Since they paid me no attention I was able to sneak past both of them and win.

I'm still not certain if they let me win.  It was the one and only time in my entire life with Nyle that I won him at Scrabble.  Did I mention that the man played for blood?  He was a very complex man.  He was loving, and generous to a fault.  Yet when playing games Nyle thrived on the strategy and competition.

I had no great design in writing this post other than to review the events that led me to marriage with my tall, dark, handsome Nyle.  I will love him until the day that I die and beyond the grave forever.

I am a romance novelist.  I declare this identity with pride.  Romance for me is endlessly fascinating.  Every time a man and woman grow in love (you don't FALL in elevates you, lifts you to higher heights) it's new, and watching them grow together to become a family, never boring....NEVER!

So as a romance writer I will from time to time explore my own romance with Nyle.  It gives me great comfort as I approach the one year anniversary of his death.  He died on January 11, 2012.
If you list the date in numbers it is 1-11-12.  Notice that the sequence of numbers creates 11:11. 

Early in our marriage Nyle proclaimed that 11:11 was a magical time of the day.  It was the only time that the numbers were four identical numbers.  It only came twice a day and only lasted for a minute each time.  So Nyle said that if we were together at that moment we would hold hands, until 11:12 came around. 

It made me happy to think that even in his last moments of life he left me the gift of remembrance.  Remembrance of our love created by numbers.

Nyle, I remember you today and everyday in light, in love, and in numbers!

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