Monday, December 3, 2012

Jokes for a Monday Morning

"Things that make you go OOOOOH."  I don't even remember what advertisement that came from.  Those pesky tag lines (In advertising) are designed to grab your sub-conscious and stay there.  There is a reason why they are also called, "The hook."

So today I want to invite all my beloved readers, family, friends to take a short break to send me their very mostest favoritest (WHAT?  They are too words!)  jokes.  Groaners welcome.  I think we all need on this lovely Monday to take the risk that something will catch us off guard and make us do like the little acronym says, LAUGH OUT LOUD. takes courage to actually use the words.  In 200 years they probably won't remember that lol stood for anything.  The dictionary will consist of all acronym words and there will be NO GRAMMAR OR PUNCTUATION.  To some of you that may sound like Paradise to my writer's soul, PURGATORY.

Back on subject, jokes....NO BLUE ONES....You know nasty things about the human digestive a Mature Flatulent I don't find those exceptionally funny anymore.

Here is my contribution to the jokeathon (You can also contribute the rest of the days of the week as well!)

"Why did the elephant paint her toenails red?  So she could tiptoe through the strawberry fields without being seen!"

Knock knock....Who is there, Boo, Boo Who?  Well you don't have to cry about it!"

OK...your turn...the more the merrier....I am fascinated by the things that make people laugh.  My daughter used to be embarrassed to go to a movie with me.  I have a strange, corny sense of humor and I often laugh out loud when others are totally silent.  She's used to me now.

What "Things make you go ooooh?"  in a humorous way....all you blue thinkers, clean it up!  lol

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