Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainy days and Thursdays?

Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard made a terrific song back in the 70's/80's called Rainy days and Mondays. She sang that they "Always get me down."

Well today is a "Rainy Day," but it's not a Monday it's a Thursday. First of all, my beloved husband of 26 years is dead. 2nd of all our finances are chaotic to say the least. 3rd of all every one of our family is currently dealing with some health "issue."

So...now I would like to simply say that happiness is a choice, I will CHOOSE to be happy, and end this depressing entry....EXCEPT. Except as bland as it sounds "Happiness is a choice." It's true. It's NOT easy to make that choice IN SPITE OF...whatever struggle is in your world right now.

I'm writing this little post to convince myself that choosing happiness IN SPITE OF is a good thing to do. In my sweetheart's words, "Happy not crappy!" He believed that we could choose to be happy in spite of all the obstacles that life throws our way.

I haven't convinced myself yet. Anybody else out there struggling with this idea? I'm struggling, but I will NEVER give up. I think that is part of the mystery of being successful in this life, and in forever as you may believe an "eternity." Sometimes we may feel that "Rainy Days and Monday's" sense of life, and that's normal and OK. What's NOT OK is to give those blues a permanent space in your life.

I KNOW that Nyle would not wish to be remembered with sorrow and tears. Just as he lived his life with laughter and joy he would wish to be remembered. The most important thing is that he IS remembered. I find joy in recalling the twenty-six years of life that we shared together.

I have put a picture of my honeybunch next to my bed that was taken about the first time that I ever saw him. HUBBA HUBBA! He was handsome then....and handsome to the day he died.

Looking at this picture reminds me that he loves me, and I love him.  I'm grateful to know that death
does NOT end love.  Love is power...power that grows and goes beyond death.

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