Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother the 5 Star General

I would seriously love to hear how many people in the world can say, "My Mother is a five star general." Now I DO say this in the boastful way that we had as children. Competition was a minute to minute experience all the way through school. Our Dad's were the biggest, meanest, strongest, best football player, sweetest, MOSTEST OF ANYTHING Dad's.

It seemed to me that the "Motherly" competition was a little more difficult to grade. "My Mother makes the best cookies!" " My Mother plays football." (The last competitive comment was undoubtedly made by a boy who didn't realize that Mother's competition scale should have been vastly different from the Father's scale.

I did NOT take opportunity back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth in my childhood. ( OK, maybe it wasn't dinosaurs but simply a chameleon that my Brother called Sally the Salamander....but to my children, and great-nephews and nieces I am practically paleolithic!) to brag about MY Mother....my Mother who was a five star general and working her way to becoming a SIX star general!

No, Mama was not a member of the military. Her contribution to the War effort of World War II was to send her beloved fiance away to fight, not knowing if he would return at the end of the war. I will always think that this contribution was AMAZING!

Mama DID work for ZCMI Department store in downtown SLC. Wise marketers at ZCMI, recognized an opportunity when they saw one. They built a kiosk in front of the store. Then they put one of their prettiest young women in that kiosk to sell war bonds. I think they realized that those bonds would practically sell themselves...not to take away from my Mama's contribution with her loving, sweet, happy, positive personality. (Did I mention that she was GORGEOUS?)

So....a tribute to my Mama. At 93 years of age she's still GORGEOUS! Better yet, she's still a fiery general, waging a daily battle against the rigors of old age.

I would LOVE to hear a tribute about your Mama...Anyone, anyone?

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  1. One of my biggest fears in life is not being able to live up to my mother. She is practically perfect in every way.
    I didn't realize it until recently, but my mom hasn't had an exceptionally easy life. You never really think about your mom that way. When she was just 26 (that's MY AGE) she lost her mom without warning. Just thinking about that makes me panic and my heart clench. only a little more than a decade after that she lost her youngest older brother (she has four of them), then this past December my Brother took his own life.
    My mom has every reason to curse God. She has every reason to be discouraged and angry and sad. But she's not. My mom is faithful, she is hopeful, she lifts everyone around her.
    One time we were sitting around the table and my little brother looked at mom and said "you've done pretty good, considering." We all laughed, but in all seriousness. Someday, I hope someone says that about me...