Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am learning new techniques as I move along through life. One difference is the way that
my extremely visual brain processes words. In my brain usually I see a word, or several
pop out. Now one word comes from one side of my mind and another word from the other side. This results in some extremely entertaining new words. For example, pretty, beautiful came out of my mouth "Prettiful." I actually like it, although a friend said it sounds too much like

The other day I was trying to think of a word to describe a very special friend. If you have
a friend of this type you are RICH! I am rich beyond compare because I have many of these
types of friends. I was thinking to myself, this is a friend that you call when you're struggling,
and juggling, and you're crying. This type of friend listens, and loves you, but by the time you
finish the conversation you're laughing, or even laughing through your tears.

This created the word CRAUGHING...(after all we can't say laughing with crying combined lying? or Lyring?) nope, CRAUGHING it is.

One of my girlfriends, Joni, is so good at this skill that I seriously think she should be hired somewhere as a "general consultant." People should pay good money for this remarkable woman who has learned through many years of experience how to turn tears into smiles and laughter.

So....I have a challenge for any and all of my beloved blog readers today...learn how to participate in CRAUGHING! I have no doubt that you have someone in your life who
will be blessed by this skillset!


  1. I need more of these craughing friends. I had a few that I don't live near anymore. Sad day. Love this post. :)