Friday, November 25, 2011

Autumn Colors


I don't think that anyone that knows me would be surprised to learn that I LOVE AUTUMN! I love the color, the crunchiness of leaves, the ability to swish through them sending leaviness upwards towards the heavens!

It seems to me that the dear Lord even put a stamp on me that assured Autumn was my favorite season. If anyone looks at me they can see that. My eyes are hazel green/brown, my skin is light olive, and my hair is brown/reddish/auburnish. YUP....I look my personal best in Autumn colors!

Speaking of the colors of Fall I had a vivid fun image that rose up in my head. I saw the leaves in their glorious robes of color, amber, crimson, russet, and rust. It occurred to me that you don't really see one image of color as you look at the trees. It's as though the colors sing a joyous chorus celebrating the transition of seasons.

To use another example for Autumn, I am currently in the Autumn of life. I read a quote somewhere that said, "40 is the old age of youth, and 50 is the youth of old age." I quite like that. Since I'm 55, I guess that makes me in the youth of old age. It also makes me a colorful leaf clinging to my brother and sister leaves on a glorious mountain hillside.

At some point I will let go of the tree's steadiness and flow, downwards into a staunch stack, where again I will be joined with my brother and sisters.

Next we will be transformed into part of this earth....this turning, whirling, twirling earth, and parts and bit of us will go into the warm inviting earth. Other parts will move downward into the water supply, where we will move forward into rivers, creeks, lakes, streams, and ever onward to the ocean.

That's not the end of the journey even then...the earth will pull us upwards to the sky where we will become rain to move over the dry, thirsty earth, and fall down. We then water seeds in the ground, become trees with leaves, that turn into brilliantly robed colored leaves each Autumn.

Then....why then the entire cycle begins anew.

Do you see why I LOVE Autumn? It's NOT the pre-cursor to a harsh earth season. It's a part of the entire, glorious ebb and flow, start and stop, beginning and renewal of life.

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