Friday, March 28, 2014

Bingo the Man, Not the Game, AND CERTAINLY NOT the dog!!

He had discovered that his lower spine was basically collapsing in on itself.  The nerves were malformed into his legs.  This was causing him incredible pain.  Sometimes the pain was so severe that he couldn't walk.

One of his teachers in college begged him to play a small role in a play.  Nyle Smith was his name.  Acting was his passion.  He was rather embarrassed to play a tiny role in a play that was in a tiny theater.  He was used to accolades for great big parts in important plays.  He decided to put a NOM DE PLUME (a fancy way to say false name), on the program.  Bingo Smith sounded like a name that NOBODY that knew him would recognize.

Nyle was embarrassed by his mobility issues.  They set the blocking of the play in such a way that he didn't have to move much.  He basically stood in one place to deliver his few lines.

"There are no small parts, only small actors," is a quote commonly used by those who love acting.  Nyle proved that quote totally, completely true.  He did so well that he was reviewed in newspapers across the region. 

Then came the exciting news.  He had been nominated for an extremely prestigious regional acting award.  The "Irene Ryan Award" was coveted by any college student who felt that theater was not only in their blood but it just might BE the blood, the substance that flowed through their veins and gave their body sustenance.

Oh wait, let's change that...Nyle Smith had not been nominated.  Hmmmm...what name do you think they used?  Oh wait, the name on the program.  BINGO SMITH was heartily acknowledged for his acting talent! 

Nyle was unsure whether to laugh or cry, and I believe he did a little of both during the agonizing process of waiting, waiting for the process to be followed.  He did not ultimately win the award.  Being nominated was a HUGE thing in the uniquely insular world of college theater. 

The problem was that NYLE SMITH was NOT nominated.  No, much to his everlasting chagrin "BINGO SMITH." was the nominee. 

That nickname stuck to him like a burr on a fluffy dog (wait, isn't there a SONG about a dog named Bingo?)  Nyle grew to enjoy that nickname. a nickname that I called him from time to time. 

Thank BINGO SMITH for being such an astounding actor, but better still, being an astounding man!

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