Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Good Lookin' What You Got Cookin'?

Humming a cheerful tune Grandma Howard tied her self-made ruffled apron around her waist.  She couldn't decide which she enjoyed more, the preparing of a meal, or the eating of the meal.  She tried to be careful about the things that she ate.  Sugar was an enemy to her body.  She did love dessert so she learned to make desserts that had more fruit and less sugar.

Grandma gave thanks to God for the lovely sunshine yellow of her kitchen.  A remodeling had just been finished and everything looked new, shiny, and happy.  Even on gloomy weather days her kitchen was bright and inviting.

Paging slowly Grandma looked through her recipe book.  Three of her granddaughters would join her for lunch.  Two of them were staying with her for a week.  Her other granddaughter only lived a mile away.  The girls were all about the same age. 

Grandma was excited when she found an old classic recipe for sandwiches.  Grandma no longer made many loaves of bread each week.  Now she drove up the road to Gregory Clinton's Health Food Store and purchased their delicious bread.  It had multiple types of grains, nuts, and it only had the tiniest hint of sugar. 

Grandma Howard was excited when she found the recipe she'd been searching for.  It was a sandwich filling recipe that her Mother had taught her to make.  She could still hear her Mother's beloved voice, even though she had passed away many years before, teaching her how to make the recipe, and getting sidetracked with life stories as she taught.  Her Mother had been a wonderful story teller.  Grandma believed that she enjoyed the stories almost as much as cooking together with her Mother.


1 tsp mustard         yolks of 2 eggs
1 tsp salt                2 TBL water
1 pinch sugar         2 TBL vinegar
1 tsp flour               1/2 c cream

Mix the dry ingredients.  Work into a paste with a little water.  Beat yolks of egg slightly.  Add vinegar and rest of water.  Cook in a double boiler until mixture thickens.  When cool add cream.

For a variation you can chop pitted green olives into small pieces and add it to the sandwich filling above.

Grandma was excited.  She loved this recipe.  It was simple, yet absolutely delicious.  Grandma sometimes added a bit of finely chopped dill weed to the recipe.

Grandma called the three girls in from the field where they had been playing.  There were two old, old, wagons in that field.  The girls loved to dress up like pioneers and play as though they were crossing the plains.

She felt that it was essential that the young ladies learn how to properly set a table, and how to follow a recipe.  Excitement sparkled in her heart and soul as she walked back to the house with the three, tiny, stalwart, pioneers.. 

Caroljoy and Dalea set the table.  Cathy helped Grandma slice and dice.  Grandma was assiduous in watching the three young girls to make certain that they put the fork on the proper side of the plate.

They sat down to eat. There was always a prayer of thanks at Grandma's house before food was eaten.  She called on Cathy to bless the food and the day.  Cathy was shy but always gave heartfelt prayers.

Grandma took a slow, careful, bite.  Then she sat back with her eyes closed, her heart, and stomach rejoicing.  She added a silent prayer along with Cathy's.  Her prayer was, "Thank Thee oh God above for family to love, food to enjoy and eat, and the chance to pray to Thee...AMEN