Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dead End Days

Dead End Days come to everyone on the planet once in awhile.  I'm referring to the days that it feels like every goal you work towards will dead end.  Meaning that you reach a point where you can NOT proceed for whatever reason.

In my case I face Dead End Days as I try my best to finish readying my two newest books for publication.  For example, I have had the file for my book, "Celeste, Women of the Drifting Anchor Ranch," ready for awhile.  Every time I try to finalize the file and publish the computer won't work, or I find some glitch in the program, or I have some kind of crisis that comes up that stops me from finishing...go away Dead End Days!

What do YOU do on a Dead End Day?  On this type of day you have tried to work on every single item on your priority list and you have come into that end where you can't proceed any further, for whatever reason.  Do you, fly into a rage, and put your fist through a wall? (A choice that I foolishly made one time.  Trust me, NOT EFFECTIVE)!  Didn't get through the wall, but did dent my fist!  Then I was frustrated AND had a swollen hurting fist!  Colossal fail!

Do you vent, rant, and rave to anyone who has ears about the frustrations of life, until none of your friends or family wish to be around you?  This is also extremely counter productive.  Think of the people who always vent their frustration towards you?  Is that pleasant?  Do you seek out the company of people who are ALWAYS venting, and frustrated?  (It's OK, sometimes essential once in a rare while with a really good friend, or close family member, just not all the time).

What action brings you back to calm?  I was blessed with a brilliant Mama.  She could tell at ten paces if I had a Dead End Day.  She sent me downstairs to play records, sing and dance.  This was long before science told us the obvious, that physical action helps your body to create the chemicals that your brain needs to feel at peace.  So I would dance off those Dead End Days. 

Does meditation work for you?  How about prayer?  Do you read poetry?  How about the Bible?  Can you find peace in the words there?  Or perhaps The Koran or The Talmud?  Does exercise bring you centeredness? Where do YOU turn to find peace in the face of challenge?

The next time you find one of these types of experiences facing you, how will you respond?  Will you allow your temper free rein?  Or are you more than the emotions that would drive you towards temper?  My Mama (Again, terrific lady) would say that sometimes she was "Tempermental.  More temper than mental."  Can you learn to overcome a "Gut reaction," (when did our guts...does that refer to our intestines?  Somehow our intestines, which do perform a very essential process now guide us with wisdom?  lol) to negative experiences? 

The next time you come to visit me, if you hear music playing and you see a rather large lady doing her best to dance...you will know why. 

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