Saturday, October 26, 2013


I would love to get some participation in this little experiment.  I'm going to ask some questions, and I will be really excited to hear answers to these questions.  Keep it clean please.

1.  What is the first thing you do every morning after you wake up?

2.  Seasons, name your favorite one.  Tell us why it's your favorite season.

3.  Who is your Hero?  Who is your Shero?  You know, hero, SHEro.  (I will not use the term "heroine" who thought it was cool to give us a name that sounds just like a drug?)

4.  Why is that person your hero or shero?

5.  How much do you HATE stupid questionaires and why?  (Again, keep it civil please.)

6.  What is your favorite food?  Please describe WHY that food is your favorite.  (No you can't give an answer with TWO foods as your favorite.  You know favorite...something that is your....FAVORITE?  jk

7.  Would you rather watch the news, dance to Just Dance 2014, or catch up on the sports channel?  Or do something else (and please tell what that something else is).

8.  Last but definitely NOT least, what type of book tempts you to read...cries out, YOU MUST READ ME....NOW!

Thanks folks for your kindness in responding.  I'm always trying to listen and hear what kinds of things people want to read, listen to, or eat.  Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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