Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Paper Back Writer

The Beatle's sang about their desire to write paperback novels.  I echo that desire.  Somehow being able to create a place, time, people, and then link it to history, places, time, and people makes me ever so happy! 

I am an Independent Writer.  That means that I am also my own Accountant, Publicist, Assistant, and Editor.  I sincerely do NOT want to perform any of these tasks...I merely wish to write, write, write! 

I have set myself a very steep goal this year.  I plan on self-publishing three novels.  THREE novels, and I only have two months left to achieve this goal.  YIKES!  I still have quite a way to go on all three books.

That means that as much as I adore blogging, I have to go from 3 or 4 posts a week to maybe one a week.  I'm certain that anyone reading this will not hold their heart sigh, then sob, "NO, NO, SHE CAN'T DO THIS TO US!"  hee hee  If anyone is doing that, thanks ever so much for your attention, but perhaps you need to find something IN ADDITION to reading my blogs in your life!  :)  Perhaps an adorable little dog or kitty?

Please do NOT think that I am denigrating any possible fan that might enjoy reading my work.  Quite the contrary.  I am grateful for each and anyone of you that find enjoyment in reading my writing.

So, I will end this blog with a totally unrelated section.  It is October.  Have you looked outside?  In front of me is a tree that seems to be leaning to the ground it is so laden with the action of Fall.  The lush vibrant leaves are glorious gold, to gracious green.  The lawn in the back looks as though it has been visited by King Midas with his magical golden touch.

Please get yourself some outdoor time today.  Breath the air so redolent with the seasonal change.  Look at the plethora of color that reaches out to you from each tree.  Listen to the crunch of dried leaves under your feet.  Make a hot cocoa, or a hot apple cider, and put your feet up.  Just be still for a moment or two and think of all the wonderful Autumn's that you have experienced...or the not so wonderful ones from the context of what they taught you.  Even if they only taught you to hold on harder when times are rough.

Thanks to each and everyone of you that reads what I write.  Please keep posted for release times of two more books from my series, Angela, Women of the Drifting Ranch, and Celeste, Women of the Drifting Anchor Ranch.  My series is not being written in any sort of chronological order right now.  Some day in the future I may number the books but probably not.  Each book is a stand alone novel.  However, if you read all of the novels it will give you a broader perspective of the place, time and people involved.  

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