Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The definition of a miracle is not well defined.  What is a miracle to one person is not for another.  My honeybunch and I used to have rather emotionally heated debates on this issue.  His side was that if you see every little thing as a miracle then you take away from shaking miracles.

My side was that everyday is a miracle!  Just being able to breathe consistently is a miracle!  (I should know having spent a goodly portion of my life fighting to breathe.)  I claim God's hand in all around me.  I claim that miracles include the changing of the seasons on a regular basis.  As a child, frequently unable to breathe, sick a great deal of the time because of a weak immune system it was a miracle when a breathless night of gasping for air turned into the newness of the next day.  A day filled with the hopes of breathing. 

Miracles include the joy of seeing Nyle beat many an illness that threatened his life.  Miracles include that before he died he was able to talk to us, and give our girls one more priesthood blessing.  (In our faith a father's blessing is very sacred.  It gives directions to his children like a map through the high points and low points of life.  In that sacred time he was able to help them navigate the biggest roadblock yet, his own death).

Since Nyle's death I feel that now he sees my point of view a little more.  Maybe it's just because I want to BELIEVE that he sees my point of view.  Still since his death I've had tiny miracles and tender mercies that have shown me he lives on and he is not far away.

What do YOU consider a miracle?  If you are a Bible reader you know about the miracles included in the pages of that book.  Think of the Children of Israel crossing through the Red Sea which has been parted for them to walk through.  Think of a pillar of fire protecting their nights, and God going before them by day.  Then there are the miracles that Jesus did.  Turning water to wine, was a little miracle, but healing the woman who had "an issue of blood for YEARS."  That one touches a chord with me, and probably any woman that is reading this blog.  (Men, if my reference makes you uncomfortable you may refer to the miracle of the lame man trying for decades to get into the waters that were said to have healing properties.  Jesus heals him and the man takes up his bed and walks!)

The Jewish folk refer to the miracle of the Passover.  That was an amazing thing when the oldest child of every Egyptian, including the Pharoah's son was killed.  The Israelites were spared by painting blood on the front of their doors, sacrificial blood from a first born lamb.

I am not familiar with the accepted miracles of other faiths.  Yet I wish to be inclusive, not exclusive.  What I mean by that is that I would like to include readers of all faiths and no faiths in this discussion.  What DO you consider a miracle?  Anyone, anyone?

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