Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Act of Auntiness

Slim, and not very tall yet my eight year old great-nephew was baptized on Saturday.  In our faith, (Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints) that involves baptism by immersion.  I was so very proud of this young tyke who made his own decision to be baptized. 

I hope that as he moves forward into the rest of his life that this memory will be strong in his brain.  The memory of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, Parents, all coming together lovingly to support him will move forward into life with him.  He will NEVER be alone in this lifetime unless he chooses to be.  At any given time he has only to reach out, either to his large family, or to his memory of that sacred day. When he reaches out he will remember how beloved he is.  I hope that will help him in the tougher times that life brings to all of us if we live long enough.

During one point in the services when we were waiting for Andrew to dress and come back to the baptismal room there was a grand reunion.  Family was connecting with a uniquely Smith/Powell form of love, and laughter.  The officiator said that in sacred circumstances such visiting would seem inappropriate, HOWEVER, there was such a genuine spirit of love in our reunion that it was sacred.

It caused me to reflect on the ultimate reunion. That time after this life is finished.  I will again be with my sweetheart forever.  Oh what a grand reunion that will be.

So, I started with Andrew and I shall end with Andrew.  Thank you dear for being such a remarkable, handsome, loving, young man.  I know that you are loved by a huge number of family, but remember always that one great-aunt named CJ loves you!

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  1. Aww I love it! It *was* a beautiful day and I thought the bishop's comment also very appropriate. So grateful for a great family and I am glad you were with us Aunt CJ! :) xoxo