Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creative Wordsmithing

Wordsmith....the definition is a person who crafts unique word arrangements as they describe things that may be ever so ordinary.  In old England people didn't have last names.  Their trade was the name they used.  For example John the Blacksmith, Harold the Tinsmith, etc. etc.  Ever wonder why there are so many Smith's?  At one point in history everyone was required to have a last name.  So the front of their work was dropped and they became SMITH'S.  Think of all the Smithing professions, Tinsmiths, Wordsmiths, Coppersmiths, Blacksmiths, on and on and on.  But I digress from my initial reason for posting.

This week I'm going to do a simple exercise with my writing.  I'm going to look at everyday sights and come up with different words of description.  Here is my example for this morning.

I saw trees with smog ice, bare of leaves, reaching to the sky.  Next example:  Lacy etched tree fronds scratched at the steely, stormy, silvered, sky.  Simplistic:  The tree had ice from smog.  Simpler still Frozen tree iced.  OK that last one may or may NOT be a complete sentence but this is a CREATIVE exercise NOT an exercise countained by the discipline of grammar and punctuation.

Now it's your turn....please oh please, somebody respond by listing some of YOUR examples of everyday things that you observe.  I guess it goes without saying but PLEASE do not express things that are less than refined.  I LOVE my blog posts to be interactive so let lose your inhibitions and start describing, I can't wait to hear from you!

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