Monday, February 14, 2011


I dated a great deal in the years before I married. Yet somehow, most years I was single during that holiday of holidays Valentine's Day. At some point I determined to make the day less about romantic love, and more about love in general.

In addition it's not about who loves you as much as it is WHO DO YOU LOVE? The greatest of joy in my life is the privilege of loving others....and there are SO MANY to love!

I must mention that eventually I found my handsome prince. After 25 years, he's just more handsome and dearer. Yesterday in church he and our youngest girl sang a duet, "Be Still My Soul." They dedicated it to me (it is one of my favorite church hymns of all time).

Yet for all of those blessed ones in my life who have not yet reached that point in their life where the handsome prince arrives...find someone to give love to on this day of Heart's, candy, and flowers, and then eat some chocolate, take a bubble bath, and read a fabulous book....(did I mention the candles around the tub, and the light off?) VOILA....the day is grand!


  1. That sounds lovely! I think I'll do that too!

  2. Who needs a handsome prince when you have amazing parents who send you a beautiful, large bouquet of flowers and chocolates? :) Love you!